rules and conditions of the sale

Our online store is only responsible for written commitments. The contract between the customer and the online store is only valid after approval of the conditions by the customer. The customer automatically accepts the conditions by confirming the order.

Product offer and availability

All our products marked ” IN STOCK ” are immediately ready  for  shipment. If the product says ” SOLD OUT ”, you cannot buy the product. If a product is not available for other reasons, we will notify you immediately.

Description of the goods

We beg to inform you that the appearance of the actual merchandise can  ê be Parl è surely different from that shown in the online store.

Prices and payment conditions

All prices include VAT. Payment can be done through Zelle, Paypal, Apple pay, Bitcoin Ect.

Transportation costs

We offer you free shipping for all of our products. If another delivery method is requested, the appropriate price will be added  to  the final invoice.

The delivery

The delivery period begins with the confirmation of the order. In the event of an unforeseen event, the customer will be immediately informed. The store is not responsible for the extension of the delivery time caused by the carrier. The carrier is responsible for any damage caused during transport.

Cancellation of the order

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of placing the order in writing and without giving any reason.

Return of merchandise

The merchandise can be returned only in a non-altered state, not damaged or if it has been damaged already in  during delivery. The damage caused by the customer loses the right of return.

The responsibility

The information given on our products does not replace the advice of your doctor. It is important to see the doctor before starting treatment in order to see your condition. Product information certainly cannot be used for self-diagnosis.

Protection of personal data

All personal data will never be given  to  third parties. They are used just for the delivery of the order.